"Common' Little Funny Man" 2019 

In this performance I explore the loving bond between human and fetish object.

"Sacred Object" 2019

This performance is inspired by mysticism and the force of a sacred object. 

"Smother Me" 2019

This is a slowed down moment in time where my partner puts his full body weight on me. Starring: Tommy Grimes

"A Strange Relationship" 2019

In this video I narrate a true story about an uncanny relationship I had with a stranger. During the extent of our relationship we shared a strong connection, in which we both explored consciousness, past lives, mysticism and submissive versus dominant. 

"Living Daily With Hyper-Sexuality" 2019

In this performative video/sketch I explore how distracting it is to live with impeding fantasies, loneliness and sexual thought process.

"The Sun Rises Red on the Magpies Chest" 2019

This video was an exorcise in creating an atmospheric sense of doubt, using uncanny sounds and imagery.​

"Self Image" 2018

This is a reflective video where the main character questions their life style choices. The character is seen struggling to make a phone call and dealing with addiction to narcotics. Starring: Patrick Miller


"STAY" 2017

This two minute video is a contemplative time-lapse about the worth of someones life. Still-Life video. Starring: Tommy Grimes

"The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross" 2017

This short experimental film is based on the study of nature and the origins of Christianity, within fertility cults of the ancient near east, a theory by John Marco Allegro. 

"The Last of the Bologna Brats" 2016 

This story evolves around the depleting habitat of the last Bologna Brat - The last of her kind, holding on to what traditions she can remember.

"Northern Honesty" 2017

This short film explores tension and honesty within a relationship.  Starring: Patrick Miller and Veronika McGinnis

Veronika Jane