Veronika McGinnis received her Fine Arts Diploma from Grant MacEwan in Edmonton Alberta 2017. She continued her studies with the University of Alberta, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2019. During her studies she would often create separate identities from herself, which allowed her to explore unfamiliar material and experience new energy as a project evolved.


Her work often flows between conscious and unconscious worlds, influenced or induced by altered states, meditation and trance. She enjoys bringing her audience on a journey into the psyche, confronting them with mysticism, inner dialogue and hyper sexuality.


Veronika believes it is essential to explore the inner self through unconventional methods and sources, to refresh and regenerate creative vitality. She enjoys freeing herself from unconscious attachments and environmental conditioning to make meaningful connections and better understand the world.


Veronika enjoys working in all mediums although she is heavily seduced by video, performance, installation and sculpture.

Veronika Jane